“Building relationships, not selling mattresses and bedding products, is our number one priority.”

Having been the top producer for the largest mattress retailer in the world for almost a decade
here in Dallas, but not being able to satisfy my customers and teammates like I wanted naturally led to the inception of Dallas Mattress Company.
We want to focus on this community, get to know the true needs of our clients, and provide a unique shopping experience.
Our service isn’t your traditional retail store model which often is confusing and misleading.
Rather, it is based on low overhead, a simplified process, and customized service.

“We truly are the bridge between the online and traditional mattress retailer experience.”

By not spending a ton of money on a prime retail location, traditional advertising, and a huge sales staff, we are able to cut costs while passing the savings on to you. We offer online prices but with the ability to try the mattress before purchase.